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General Aesthetic Dentist

General dentistry includes all care and treatment intended to maintain optimal oral health. The dental examination allows you to make a diagnosis, prevent deterioration of your teeth or oral diseases.

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Specialized medicine for internal oral operations on the tissues in general, in particular by incision and suture. Surgery can be practiced for treatments of abnormalities and congenital diseases of your mouth and teeth.

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Dental Prosthesis

The dental prosthesis may be fixed or removable and may be partial or complete. It is the part of dentistry that essentially deals with replacing missing teeth. For example, bridges, dentures, etc.

Dr. Manon Barrette

« I am gratuated from University of Montréal since 2000 where I got my Doctor degree of Dental Medecine. Right after in 2001, I took over Paul H. Robert, on Aberdeen street, and I am proud to take care of Saint-Lambert's community and its surroundings, now in a suitable office situated in the heart of the city. »

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